Paul Schmidt, Founder & Team Lead

Like many of the TIP investigators I have a life-long interest in the paranormal. I grew up reading every book I could find on ghosts, big foot, the Loch ness monster, the Bermuda triangle, etc. I thought my interests would always be satisfied through the pages of books until the show Ghosthunters came on. Then I realized there were others out there like me that were interested in the paranormal and actually experiencing it. I began a web search and found all kinds of groups and information on ghost hunting. I went on my first overnight in Indianapolis at the Hannah Mansion and while not particularly fruitful I was hooked none the less. While looking for more ghost hunting opportunities I came across other overnight excursions and ghost hunting groups. I began to attend all the meetings I could and went on excursions when offered. I had experiences on the excursions that hooked me even more. Perhaps the best thing I was able to do was go to the Waverly Hills Sanitarium—perhaps the most haunted place in the country. While Waverly was not very active that night the creepiness factor was still 10 out of 10.

Lesley, Investigator

Growing up and into my adult years I have always been fascinated with the paranormal. I would read or watch any programming that had anything to do with the paranormal. After losing a close family member and experiencing many unexplainable events, my curiosity peaked to a new level and I wanted more answers. It has been wonderful to find such a professional group to be a part of. I have learned many things from participating within the group and look forward to expanding my knowledge of the paranormal.

Brenda,  Investigator/Website Support/Researcher/Evidence Review

Unlike the rest of the members of TIP I have neither had a personal experience or a lifelong interest in the paranormal. However, I married Paul who does have a lifelong interest in the paranormal and my interest has grown through him. Over the last ten years I have watched countless paranormal shows and heard Paul discuss clubs and investigations. I have also watched video evidence and listened to his EVPs when possible. I encouraged him for the last few years to form his own club. Unfortunately due to my severe hearing loss I really can’t participate in investigations. Meaning, if the lights are off and I also can’t hear I’m pretty limited in what I could investigate. However, I wanted to be involved in the club so I do web and technical support and help review evidence. I’m excited to be a member of TIP.

Craig, Investigator

Craig became interested the paranormal while volunteering at a local museum and experiencing paranormal events.