Waverly (July 2014)

Listen at 4 seconds

VN810065. whisper in lobby.MP3

 Listen at 2 second point

VN810070 come.MP3

Listen at 3 second point

VN810072 death tunnel Jacop.MP3

 Listen at 8 seconds

3rd floor footsteps.mp3

Strip Mall EVPs

Listen at approximately the 16 and 30 second points


Listen about half way through clip


Listen 8 seconds in


Listen 14 seconds in


Listen at 4 seconds

first clip slow down -- whisper.mp3

Listen about 10 seconds

second clip -- hello.mp3

Listen at 14 seconds


Beauty School

Listen at 25 seconds (volume high)


Listen the entire length

footstepsbreath in basement conference room.MP3

Listen at 1:25 (sorry for long clip)

loud bang in basement conference room.MP3

 Listen at :25

boom click in basement conference room.MP3

Listen at :03


Basement Boiler Room SOME amplified.mp3

Listen at :05

Basement Fear Room Door closing and walking.mp3

Ohio State Reformatory, Mansfield Ohio

Listen at about the17 second point.  Sorry for the static.

I want to go home.MP3

Conover Mall

 Listen at about the 16 second point


 Listen at about the 14 second point and then a few seconds later when our junior tipster says she heard something.

child's laugh.MP3

The Goldenrod Showboat

The Goldenrod yielded many EVPs but we are only posting the most interesting. 

First listen for some undecipherable whisper and then a woman's voice saying "watch it"

Watch It.mp3

At both the 6 and 9 second points listen for "mama".  As the Goldenrod is not known to be haunted by a child spirit we suspect some other spirit may have been messing with us.  One investigator mentioned they had watched the movie "Mama" the night before

Mama 2Xs.mp3

Listen for a voice either saying "go away" or maybe just "g'way"

go away.MP3

What sounds like a man's whisper

mans whisper.MP3

These was captured on a recorder left in the boat's entrance-way.  We did not hear any of this while doing sessions in other parts of the boat.

long sequence of noises.MP3

loud noises in entryway.MP3

many noises.MP3



The Eldred House

Listen at 5 sec for a whisper about the chair.  The other team members were sitting on the floor and Paul was moving to the only chair.

chair in alices room.MP3

The Lake House

These recordings are of a series of loud bangs and noises while Paul was there alone.

let me know you are here BANG.MP3

were you here then.MP3


more noises2.MP3

noises 3.MP3

Pollak Hospital

All of these are from a recorder left in the basement.  There are many more squeals and bangs.  We also included a couple of ghost box recordings.  We also have others that might be answers to our questions. 

another different squeek.MP3


door and other.MP3



no idea.MP3


Return to Farrar

same plus breath.MP3

steps and pounding.MP3

movement and steps.MP3


Return to the Goldenrod (10/1/2016)

Sounds like a chair scooting and then watching.

noise and then winding a watch.MP3

Loud bang (one of many)

loud bang while we were outside.MP3







rocking chair noises.mp3


craw face 2.mp3

Private Residence (12/16)

is it you john.mp3

Is there something you want to tell him.mp3

are you tired of us asking questions.mp3

Private Residence (7/17)




Ashmore Estates (9/17)


talking normal but numerous bangs.MP3

childrens voices.MP3

definitely childrens voices and maybe a mouse.MP3

girl yelling.MP3

kid scream.MP3